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Our team has more than 20 years of collective experience in Corporate HR, providing comprehensive services that safeguard and enhance your organization's growth.

We understand that complex problems require multifaceted solutions. Whether you're in need of an HR safety net or tackling a new process, having the guidance of an expert by your side is crucial. Let us be that trusted partner to help you navigate any obstacle with confidence and ease.

Check out frequently asked questions about our services below and we can help address your challenges.

Compensation & Benefits

Does offering improved benefits really help with engagement? Other companies are poaching my employees for larger salaries, what do I do?

We'll work with you to develop a best-in-class benefits and strategic compensation program.

Culture & Research

How do I create a strong company culture? Are employees happy here?

We'll use our expertise to research and diagnose any culture issues and work to implement lasting change.

Employee Handbook

How do I utilize an employee handbook? Do I really need it?

Let us work with you to create the optimal handbook that protects you and your employees and will ensure fair treatment for everyone.

Labor Relations

How do I deal with a discrimination claim? What do I do when one of my employees is harassing someone?

When these crises come up, you must act quickly; each move must be measured and strategic. We'll work with you and your legal team to address these issues.

Performance Management

What is performance management? Do I need an annual performance appraisal? What's the point?

We'll work with you to develop and implement a strategic performance management process to help ensure high quality performance from your employees.

Recruitment & Selection

Can I really tell who is a good candidate based on interviews alone? What kinds of questions am I allowed to ask on interviews? Do I need to tell candidates why they weren't hired?

We'll develop a comprehensive and structured approach to interviewing, ensuring you select the top candidates.

Strategy & Visioning

Do we have the right strategic vision? How do I get my employees to buy in?

Together, we'll develop and refine your strategic vision and support you every step of the way on this collaborative journey.

Training & Development

How do I prepare my new managers for the job? My employees have great technical skills but they are having interpersonal issues. How do I prevent this?

Our engaging and research based approach to training will ensure your employees are set up for success, no matter the area.